Mural Art Session

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I was commissioned to do a mural with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu theme. This video shows some of the painting process behind the piece. Special thanks to @cortesnyc and @carladepuertorico for coming through and helping out.

muralsketch1 muralsketch2
mural1 mural2 mural4 mural3


Available for hire

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For those who follow my work you may or may not know what I do and for those new to my work here’s a breakdown of what I do. First and foremost I’m an illustrator. Regardless of the medium or subject matter everything I create and design starts with an illustration. When I work with acrylics or working on a mural, it all starts with an illustration or sketch. The mediums\ may change but the technique I use are the same. For more than a decade I have also worked in the field of graphic arts and design, more specifically apparel design. I didn’t study fashion or graduate with a degree fashion, I kind of grew into this field by being creative and living in New York City. Graphics arts has allowed me to use my skills in more ways than illustration was able to. With apparel graphics I can connect with more people across the globe. This has allowed me to build and grow and an artist and designer. On occasion I work on web design but that’s very rare due to time constraints, usually about one project a year.

Here is a breakdown list of my services:


Editorial Illustration

Fine Arts

Mural Art

Graphic Arts

Apparel design

Logo and Branding

Print Design for Marketing

Feel free to contact me regarding your next project.



Illustration for Performance Enhancing Drugs

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scan-94jiujitsustyle scan-93

New Prints: Classic Illustrations by J. Smalls

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Two new prints available for order, limited run of 25 each. I choose to make a print out of two wonderful and talented individuals. One has been a subject of my artwork over the years and other was actually a commissioned illustration by a close friend. You can order yours today, head over to


John Smalls on Display

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My recent exhibition made into the latest issue of Jiu Jitsu Magazine.